Eazy Thai Language School Phuket Thailand Mobile : +66-95-5451658
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Level 1

Our method of teaching Thai is based on a natural learning process. We will first introduce you some daily spoken words and how they are correctly used in everyday language. It is done in a question-answer format.


Level 2

This level consist of rules and how to form a sentence, questions, request as well as, the 44 alphabets are introduced to students, the writing and correct pronunciation, hearing and speaking skill are the main focus.


Level 3

The top level of master Thai language will lead you to understand and capabilty to communicate correctly the way Thais do, question tag, tone question, if clause, classification, daily useful idioms and additional


About us

Eazy Thai language school provide Thai lesson for every level, beginner who wish to learn thai the correct way or expat who live in Thailand all your life but still struggle when it comes to speaking with family and friends in Thai language

thai language can be difficult if being miss guided and is very hard to cure,as we all know that the tones and sound can really change the meaning, The Eazy Thai language school with our experienced teachers will teach you the way we talk and you would be surprise how simple and easy learning Thai language can be, feel free to contact us, study now and speak Thai Now